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Sachse’s small businesses are the backbone of our thriving economy. Small businesses tend to attract talent who invent new products or implement new solutions for existing ideas. Larger businesses also often benefit from small businesses within the same local community, as many large corporations depend on small businesses for the completion of various business functions through outsourcing.

We understand the challenges involved with opening and growing a business and we’re prepared to help our small businesses and budding entrepreneurs get up and running and realize their dreams. Contact the Sachse economic development office to find out ways we can help you!

We have a variety of programs to help our small business community including:

  • Promoting our businesses through our City of Sachse and Sachse economic development social media channels and events
  • Networking opportunities
  • Sharing helpful information and resources
  • Business training, educational events and coaching
  • Grants and incentives


North Texas Small Business Development Center
Score Small Business Mentor Resources
Texas Small Business Guide
Texas Small Business Program
Start A Business In Texas
Texas Business Permit Assistance Office
Texas Workforce Commission Skills For Small Business Program
U.S. Small Business Association
Office Of The Governor’s Small Business Handbook

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